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If you love flavoured tea, you will appreciate the joy that comes with having a cup of what you like either in the morning or before you go to bed. Flavoured teas have fans from all around the world, and the best part is that there will always be a flavour for any tea lover out there.

Tea is one of the best gifts of nature to us. Many memories and great stories have been made over a cup of tea. In case you have been wondering what flavours Canadians like, this article will dwell on that. The ones explained here happen to be popular also in so many other countries.

Earl Grey

This is not only loved in Canada, it is actually one of the most popular flavours across the globe. It is packed with many benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels and aiding in weight loss among many other benefits. Most of those who love this flavour take it in the morning as it is refreshing and is said to improve alertness.


This is also among the top ten popular teas in the world. The fact that it can heal stomach problems makes it one of the preferred flavours by many tea lovers. It is also caffeine-free which makes a great choice for someone trying avoid caffeine.


Ginger also doesn’t contain caffeine. It is packed with different vitamins and minerals. It is said to help in dealing with nausea among many other health benefits.

Green Tea

A few years ago, this was only popular in countries such as China. It is now one of the most popular teas across the globe as it contains anti-oxidant properties. It also has many other health benefits. It is best taken in the morning as it contains caffeine.

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea can either be taken hot or cold. Its medicinal benefits are endless. it is refreshing and helps in improving mental alertness.