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Tea is a major part of several cultures around the world. While it is more common in the Eastern Hemisphere, the West is quickly catching up after realizing the many health benefits associated with various types of tea.

From losing weight and helping with conditions such as diabetes to helping prevent certain types of cancer, recent studies have shown the many benefits that come from drinking a cup or two every day.

There are different types of tea, each of which has its own benefits for the body. The following are three types of exotic tea you should try at least once.

Black Forest Cake Pu-erh Tea

If you love black forest, then you can guiltlessly enjoy this delicious tea. It is also known for its health benefits, such as getting rid of bad cholesterol and replacing it with good cholesterol. It is the only tea in the world that has such benefits. Studies have also shown that this tea is packed with anti-ageing and weight-loss properties. Above all, it has been shown to work against certain forms of cancer.

Mate Tea

This tea, which originated in Argentina, is made from the yerba mate tree. Mate tea is packed with vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B5, and B-complex, among a number of others. It is also said to improve concentration. If you have been struggling to focus lately, this might be the cure. It is also said to improve one’s metabolism.

Insect Poop Tea

You read that right – this tea is made from bugs’ poop, and it’s one of the most expensive kinds of tea in the world. Bugs are fed on the tea leaves and their droppings are picked and dried. Nevertheless, it’s been proven safe for human consumption. It’s a delicacy in some parts of the world, and is known to be good for a number of health conditions.