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When you’re planning to gift someone who loves tea with a package of what they like, it is always good to consider a few things first to ensure you get it right. Gifting a tea lover can be quite a task; you don’t want to give them something they may end up not liking. Here are a few questions you must answer before getting down to purchasing anything.

Do They Have Any Allergies?

This should be the first thing you should know before picking the different teas you want to use to create the package. You wouldn’t want to give them something they are allergic to. Such details are very important, otherwise you might end up wasting money and not accomplish what you intended to.

In What Form Do They Like Their Tea?

People have different preferences. There are some who prefer tea bags as opposed to the loose type. Make sure you know what the person you are gifting prefers and don’t ever assume anything. Tea lovers can be fussy when it comes to their drink. You don’t want to mess up such a good idea by getting them the wrong kind of tea.

Do They Like It Flavoured or Not?

Similarly to what’s mentioned above, different people have different preferences. If the one you’re gifting to is among those who don’t like their tea flavoured, don’t make it your duty to introduce them to it. For those who like tea flavoured, it also depends. Make sure you are aware of the flavours they prefer, but you can throw in something you think they have never tried to surprise them.

Once you have answered all of the above questions, think of the accessories you want to have in the package. Be creative but practical. Honey could be a great accessory as it can be used for many purposes other than tea. For the lovers of loose tea, an infuser would do the magic too.