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Parent page: How To Use Gift Cards To Market Your Store

If you have been thinking of a great way to grow your market share and acquire new clients whilst still serving the needs of your existing customers, gift cards are a great way to achieve that. Gift cards are a great way to market retail stores especially for those in specialized fields such as tea stores.

Here are some of the advantages you stand to reap from having a gift card programme.

Helps to Attract New Customers

If you want people to return to your store after their initial visit, make sure they are aware you offer gift cards which they can gift to friends on birthdays or on any other special occasion such as Christmas.

Helps To Create Brand Awareness

If you want people to always remember you, ensure the gift card bears your business logo and the colours of your brand. As more and more customers buy the cards to give out to their loved ones, you will have achieved your marketing goals and acquire new customers in the process. The gift card should be carefully designed to ensure it serves as a marketing tool for your business.

Increased Sales

A gift is a double blessing. You will have earned money from selling it to whoever is buying. On the other hand, the person who receives it will use it to shop at your store and it is very unlikely that they will use the exact amount on the card. When they find something they like and it is a little higher than the card’s amount, they will often spend more than the gift card’s value.

Helps Tame Fraud

When people use gift cards to shop, they can always redeem up to the amount they want. This also reduces incidences of returning expired goods for cash. Cards also help in driving up sales.

If you don’t have such a programme for your store yet, you could be losing out on all these benefits.