Beat the Heat with Iced Teas

June 27, 2017

Beat the Heat with Iced Teas

Beat the Heat with our Summer 2017 Collection

SuraiTea Summer Collection

Hello, Summer!

There’s nothing quite like a cool drink on a hot summer’s day!

Introducing our new Summer Collection - delectable teas that are best served cold. This July, Drink Tea and Chill.
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SuraiTea Pink Lemonade



Summer days are for Pink Lemonade, sandy shores, summer sun, and nothing more! Refresh your senses with a staple of our summer line: Pink Lemonade. Black tea, hibiscus, and raspberry leaves masterfully fuse in a vibrant blend that is magnificent when served cold. The lemongrass and lemon peel deliver a sweet, fruity flavour and citrusy kick that tastes just like summer adventures. Enjoy a pretty-in-pink glass today!

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SuraiTea Banana Boost


Thirsting for a relaxing getaway? Transport yourself to your dream tropical destination with our Banana Boost tea. This delicious herbal combination of banana, ginger, and coconut creates an aromatic tea that tastes fantastic served cold. Try it as the base of a summer cocktail at your next par-tea or enjoy on its own on a sweltering day. It’s a tropical getaway in a glass.

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SuraiTea Summer Life


Summer is a state of mind! Get in the right mindset with our Summer Life tea. With notes of orange, lemon, hibiscus, and elderberries, this delightful herbal combination creates a mouth-watering scent and sweet taste. This light and bright fruity blend is perfection when served cold and a summer must-have. Still need convincing? Summer Life has no added sugar, instead showcasing nature’s natural sweetness. Find out for yourself just why it's such a popular favourite!

SuraiTea Summer Life

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 Varie-tea is the spice of life! Try each of our 22 loose-leaf teas with our Sampler Pack.

SuraiTea Sampler Pack

Not sure which one to try? Try them all!

The new Sampler Pack contains a single serving amount of each of our 22 loose leaf teas so that you can try them all! Each is individually packaged and ready for steeping. Try them hot or try them cold. Try them all for yourself or give them as a gift. It's tons of fun trying new teas and if you would like to, please let us know your feedback! Enjoy!

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SuraiTea Empowering Refugees

With every purchase of SuraiTea, you help us Steep Social Change for Syrian refugees. Thank you for your continued support. With your help, we will get there, one tea at a time.  

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