Our Mission

At SuraiTea, our mission is to use the power of the markets to create positive social change for refugees. We believe that a crucial aspect of the social change which we hope to create is that we empower our Syrian-Canadian staff with their first employment experience here in Canada. On the job skills, Canadian work experience on the resume and a healthy routine in their new home, we believe, will lead to long term stability and prosperity here in Canada. Furthermore, we hope to create a sustainable source of corporate donations to the not-for-profit organizations that are active in the resettling effort.

Why not not-for-profit?

It is important that we work with not-for-profit organizations to achieve our mission. To increase the social change which we can create, we may also need to work with investors for equity financing. By incorporating as a Pending B Corp, SuraiTea's mission is in the corporate DNA. The power of filing this way is that SuraiTea can remain attractive to potential investors and remain true to its mission. These investors may increase our ability to create social change so we are open to helping them meet their objectives as long as we meet ours.

Did you Know?

Only about 14 per cent of government-assisted refugees find work during their first year in Canada, while more than half of privately sponsored refugees do.

Source: Rolfsen, Catherine. "Syrian Refugees Don't All Get an Equal Start in Canada - British Columbia - CBC News." CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, 07 Mar. 2016. Web. 16 Mar. 2016.