Jasmine Care Package: Subscribe Here To Receive a Monthly Tea Subscription!

Introduction to Subscription:

Do you want to subscribe to enjoy a 100g tin of any of our delicious teas delivered to your door once per month AND change your flavors as often as you like?

How it works:

Buy this subscription product and we will send you a personalized promo-code. This promo-code could take up to 24hrs to generate. If you buy one subscription, you will be subscribed to receive one 100g tin of tea for $14.99 plus shipping (about $6) per month. If you buy two subscriptions, you will be subscribed to receive two 100g tins of tea for $29.98 plus shipping (about $6) per month. If you buy three subscriptions, you will be subscribed to receive three 100g tins of tea for $44.97 per month PLUS always free shipping of your subscription orders because if you buy three, shipping's free!

You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Process to pick your tea:

Your personalized promo-code will remain active each month that you continue to subscribe. You will use this promo-code at our check-out to reduce the price of the tea(s) that you select to receive in that month to $0. The subscription product will automatically charge your VISA. You will be reminded via email to make your monthly selection when we charge you for the subscription each month. If you are too busy some month and do not make your selection(s), within 7 days of the monthly charge, we will randomly select the tea(s) that we will send you. You will again be able to make your selection(s) as normal the next month.

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You can email info@suraitea.ca or call 613-883-5333.

Other Information:

There is flexibility to put a hold on your subscription for a month if you request this by emailing us at info@suraitea.ca.