Sampler Pack

Not sure which one to try? Try them all with the new Sampler Pack!

The new Sampler Pack contains a single serving amount of each of our 22 loose leaf teas so that you can try them all! Each is individually packaged and ready for steeping. Try them hot or try them cold. Try them all for yourself or give them as a gift. It's tonnes of fun trying new teas and if you would like to, please let us know your feedback! Enjoy! 

List of Teas:

  1. Jasmine Green
  2. Jasmine Chai
  3. JasMint
  4. Jasmine Bouquet
  5. Jasmine Genmaicha
  6. Jasmine Breeze
  7. Tangy Mint
  8. Synergy
  9. Banana Boost
  10. Summer Life
  11. Anteastress
  12. Cozzzy Chamomile
  13. Cherry Affogato
  14. Focused Mentalitea
  15. Pink Lemonade
  16. Vanilla Spice
  17. Cherry Bloom
  18. Ginger Ale
  19. Orange Chai
  20. Lavendar Daze
  21. Maple Taffy
  22. Puritea

Handcrafted Loose Leaf Teas Packaged in Ottawa Canada by Empowered Syrian-Canadian Refugees

2-4 grams per sample - individually packaged in a pouch

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