Jasmine to Syria is like the Maple Leaf to Canada



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Meet Alaa! His first job in Canada was packaging tea for @SuraiTea_Inc. Alaa has learned English AND French in only 6 months! He is a talented piano player, dancer and singer and recently started his own entertainment business. Way to go Alaa!
Meet Husam! He has worked in business development, sales and accounting with #SuraiTea. In Syria, Husam was studying undergraduate finance until it became unsafe. After arriving in Canada, he perfected his English and received his university equivalency. Way to go Husam!
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Meet Rama in a French video by CBC! Rama started packaging tea with @SuraiTea_Inc right after arriving in Canada. She has since learned English and now is working as an Inside Sales Rep where she continues posting the highest numbers! Way to go Rama!